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Happy March 8, dear women!

Our dear, beloved women, the most attractive and beautiful, young and slender, kind and cordial! Our beloved wives, daughters, mothers, mother-in-law, girlfriends and all-all strong and beautiful women! Congratulations on the Day of March 8! We wish that your hearts belong to those who love and adore you, that every day and hour you feel love and care, loyalty and loyalty, help and support! Love yourself and be always loved, stay the same beautiful and unique, reliable and hardworking, gentle and warm! I wish you happiness, joy and success always and in everything!

Amaro and Walden’s Joyride


Directed by
Tim McCourt and Max Taylor

Character Design
Tim McCourt

Tim McCourt and Max Taylor

Direct of Photography
Andrew Corrigan

Hugo ‘Beats’ Chegwin, Fred Berry

Tim McCourt, Max Taylor, Julia Knight

Peter Dodd, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Tim McCourt, Wesley Louis, Sam Taylor,
Bjorn Aschim, James Duveen, Kristian Antonelli

FX Animation
Duncan Gist

Clean Up
Tim McCourt, Duncan Gist, Aude Carpentier, Sam Taylor, Imre Horváth,
James Duveen, Iria Lopez

Tim McCourt, Max Taylor, Duncan Gist

Max Taylor, James Belch, Anna Sigüenza, Chris Fraser

Aubrey Woodwiss

Colour Assist
Lewis Cross Field

Suggs, Lauren Hedges, Eugenia Simo Grijalbo, 3 Legged Dog, Oliver Macintosh

Production assistant
Dan Jessop

Executive Producers
Electric Theatre Collective